Don’t wait for someone to marry you before you marry yourself.

Self love is the basis for all success, healing and positive wellbeing. Today we are going to look at how you can make a lasting commitment to yourself. This is not to be taken lightly because it will be the most powerful commitment you ever make in your life. If you have made it here because you’ve followed the link from my book – 100% Self Love – welcome!

Step 1 Align your values and beliefs
The commitment you are looking to make must align to your values and beliefs – this is the only way to ensure it is lasting. To do this brainstorm a list of all the relationship-related things you want in your life, and write it in a positive statement that you can make happen, such as:
– Build a healthy relationship with yourself
– Honour and cherish yourself for the rest of your life
– Forgive yourself for past mistakes
– Protect yourself from danger
– Learn how to soothe yourself
– Be open and honest with yourself

Step 2 Write the promises
Now you need to write what you DO want and what you can make happen yourself in positive statements, as promises, pledges or commitments. You may like to enhance it using more affirming and positive language. I came up with a big list of ideas in my brainstorm and used none of them in my final commitment, but the process fueled my inspiration. So whether you use all of these, some of these or none of them is entirely up to you. Your statements may look something like this:
– I will build a healthy relationship with myself that inspires unconditional Self Love
– I promise to honour and cherish myself from today, every day, for the rest of my life
– I pledge to forgive my past mistakes and negative experiences that I have contributed to
– I will protect myself from danger and soothe myself when comforting is required

You can make it like a wedding vow if you like, or you can make it like an affirmation and just put “I will” statements. As long as it is positive and focuses on what you do want and what you can do for yourself, that’s all we need.

Step 3 Put it all together
Once you have your list, start putting them into sentences that flow and build on each other. You may like to write it on your computer, and leave a space where you can sign and date it. It will always begin with “I, ________________________ (full name), promise to love myself without condition.” And it will end with “I love you, ________________________ (full name), and I hereby acknowledge that I am here for you until eternity.” Sign ________________________ Date ________________________.
What you place in between is up to you. Once you’ve finalised it, it may read something like this:
I, ________________ (full name), promise to love myself without condition. To build a healthy relationship with myself every day that inspires my unconditional love. To honour and cherish myself today, every day, for the rest of my life. I pledge to forgive my past mistakes and guide myself when I need direction. I will challenge myself to be a better person than I am today.
Upon signing this commitment I agree to embrace the present moment and the future as it comes to me.
I love you, ________________ (full name), and I hereby acknowledge that I am here for you until eternity.
(sign and date)

And there you have it! Your very own personal commitment. If you would like to get a little bit more creative and have something to remember this commitment by, you may like to design your own Certificate of Commitment. Alternatively, I have designed one for you in my book 100% Self Love!

Photo credit: jeronimoooooooo via Visual hunt / CC BY