A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.
James Keller

If you’re an entrepreneur and you haven’t heard of the Live Your Legend movement yet – then you’re really missing out. I was told about it two years ago from a friend I met while he was travelling (shout out to you, Kev!). It literally took me two years to get there (Kev couldn’t believe his Facebook!) and I now believe being part of such an inspirational group will help me going forward in my journey. So today I want to share my lessons and also share a bit of the reason for why I think this is the case.

First, what propelled me to go to Live Your Legend two years later was Chelsea – the Chief Inspiration Officer of the entire Live Your Legend movement. She didn’t start the Live Your Legend movement – her husband did. They had been on one of their global charity travels when Scott Dinsmore had and accident and passed away. Chelsea was with him at the time. She’s only my age. I couldn’t imagine watching my life partner, my soul mate, pass away in front of me. I can’t even begin to imagine how painful that experience would have been for her. That was in September 2015. And here she is in May the following year, speaking about him and his movement with confidence, a calm composure and absolute grace and dignity. Amazing!

Last year I headed over to America for the first time to a convention of travellers and entrepreneurs called The World Domination Summit. Also well worth knowing about if you’re into travel and entrepreneurship. This year I wasn’t going to make it back – I just didn’t have the means to make it happen. Then I found out Chelsea was going to be speaking and I was even more crushed. By this stage I knew Chelsea would continue the Live Your Legend movement and what that meant to these communities they had created all over the world.

About a week later a Meet Up group invitation appeared in my Facebook feed. Chelsea was visiting Australia! In a few weeks!!! All I knew was I was set to sell my left kidney to be there. I wouldn’t have missed it for anything. Anyone who could survive something so traumatic and get back up so quickly was a huge inspiration to me. I’ve suffered my own trauma and it took me longer than that to get up and be able to talk to people about it!

Of course the day Chelsea was speaking in Sydney city, I was working over the other side of Sydney, far up on the Northern Beaches. The event began at 6pm and I was finishing at 5.30pm … plus it took me at least 15 minutes to walk back to my car. I knew I was going to miss some of it. But I did everything I could to get there that night and although I only made the last thirty minutes of her speech (which was just slightly better than walking into a room and the speaker says “Thank you for coming” with a brief applause and everyone stands up to leave). Thirty minutes with a speaker. Generally I would get a few tips and ideas here and there, but I wouldn’t get much. Watching Chelsea moved me to commit to going to Live Your Legend meet ups regularly, wanting to do more and get more involved with helping the movement and it inspired me to get back into my blog and expand my blog even more. Woohoo!

So because I felt I got so much out of it, I wanted to share some top tips I got from her speech. Here goes:

1. Three priorities a week
Now – if you’re like me, and you have your own business, your to do list has multiple to do lists and you don’t have a second in the day to scratch yourself. You feel like you’re your own best friend. Good in some ways – isolating in others. So Chelsea shot this down within one minute of me entering the room “Have three priorities for the week,” she said. It was like she was speaking directly to me. A mini-coaching session, the kick up the butt I needed. Not prioritise more. Not prioritise better. Just choose THREE things and FOCUS.

2. Align your values
I preach this myself – which means this girl was standing up there speaking my language. I understand the importance of value alignment. And then she said “Act with integrity”. This is the year of integrity. And while I’ve been doing everything I can to align my values and act with integrity, I was trying to do both as two totally different things. No – it’s like a two-step thing, and this is what I got from Chelsea. So here’s the trick: Align your values then act with integrity. Don’t bother trying to act with integrity before you align your values – because it’s really hard. And eventually it’ll become undone because everything needs to align with your values so you can get in flow. You need to be firm in your values so you can make the right decisions and keep driving forward. Literally – your values are your key to being decisive.

3. Deliver one post a week
If I do nothing else in life going forward, I’m going back to prioritising delivering one post a week. I used to do this and after my experience with trauma – I stopped. A lady I went to for help had told me to as a way that my abusive ex-partner could no longer find me or know anything bad about me. Something I learned from The Entourage (another entrepreneurial group) is the most expensive advice is BAD advice. And that advice certainly cost me. It cost me the community I had worked years to build – so I owe it to you and everyone else to put myself back out there, and that’s going to start happening. “Because the community needs it,” Chelsea said.

4. Be clear on the main thing right now and where it’s taking you
Chelsea raised the point that you need to be clear on the main thing for you right now and where it’s taking you. Well – I have two closely interlinked things I’m working on right now. I’m expanding my business, so I’m moving Happiness Weekly, Relationship Free and business coaching under my Sarah J Webb brand. Sarah J Webb – that’s me! I’m expanding my scope because I know I can help people in more than just one area and I don’t need to limit myself to do it. And this expansion is going to take me everywhere I need to go. Part of it is also working on a book I’m putting together now which literally teaches the steps to take for Self Love. I know, I’ve been talking about it for years – I’ve also been writing it for years – all I can promise is, it’ll be worth it!

5. Sometimes you get the most out of things when things are good
This is one of the wisest things I’ve ever heard: ever! Sometimes you get the most out of things when things are good. Most of my Happiness Weekly blogs have been inspired from adversity and working with adversity or avoiding adversity … it’s all adversity driven. One of the things I’m going to be more mindful of going forward is the lessons I’m learning and what I’m getting out from life while things are good. That’s a massive shift for me, and I’m sure it’ll probably impact you. I keep a gratitude diary each day, but beyond that I’m also going to write what positive gifts I received from each day.

6. Plan your personal life three months at a time
My goals are kind of like my to do list. I have so many goals and so many millions of steps to take everywhere I want to go that it feels completely overwhelming. So Chelsea pointed out that she doesn’t plan her life more than three months in advance – because life changes, the scenery in life changes, so your targets keep changing and we need to be able to adapt to that. So since hearing Chelsea talk, I have committed to still having the longer term goals, but I’ll check in with where everything is going ever three months to ensure I’m adapting, I’m keeping flexible and I’m still on path. This breaks it down into easier, bite-sized pieces.

7. Don’t worry
Chelsea also spoke about worry and anxiety (possibly not using those words), but she said in these times, consider the worst case scenario. What’s the absolute worst thing that will happen? And then if that happens – could you not just share the lessons? BOOM! And that’s what my work is all about – embracing imperfect action. Right on, sister! She also said this – which is officially my favourite quote from her entire talk:

“Certainty is an illusion. All we can control is how we show up and how we treat people.”

Think on that for a moment. I think that’s been whirring around my mind since I heard her say it and I’ve vowed to work hard to treat people in my life much better. I know I’ve been scared of getting distracted so I’ve had less time for everyone. “Fear equals expectations. How can you manage it? Recognise the fear and use an anchor to help you get through it. Your anchor will demonstrate that everything will be ok and will work out – from a previous time in your life when it’s all worked out,” Chelsea said. “Stop and take a moment to reflect, don’t stress yourself out,” she added.
So, instead of staying scared and limiting my time with friends and risking losing them, I’m going to try to allow for time to be generous to people and still see my friends – particularly those who have been there for me from the start. A sure sign of character is how you act when you’re on top – and Chelsea has class and character! Go girl!

8. Recognise the importance of balance and have rituals
“Have other outlets outside your business,” Chelsea said. Chelsea goes to Live Your Legend Local in San Francisco and she’s part of a woman’s Mastermind. She sees her operations guy and coach once a week and she has monthly team meetings. She also used to have one night a week as date night with Scott where they would close their computers down and walk around the house – that was their transition time. My balance is shared between time with my dog, time with my friends, time with my parents and family and my business. My downfall is probably having rituals as this stage because I have so much going on that every day is full on. So I’ve promised myself that I will start having rituals and routine in my life within the next few weeks – no matter what. At the moment, my only regular rituals is having Wednesday and Sunday off from my business.
And Chelsea’s final parting words of wisdom were this:

“Show up and be the best person you can be – it doesn’t just serve you, but it will serve every single person around you.”

Thank you for all these lessons and breakthroughs you gave me in the final 30 minutes of your talk, Chelsea! This is the fuel that will help with inspiring my journey forward and I hope it helps inspire many more people, as you and your movement will, in your continued journey.


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Photo Credit: Live Your Legend and Chelsea Dinsmore